Conference Courses

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Course A:

High Performance Supplementary Cementitious Materials

Discover the world of high-performance supplementary cementitious materials and their role in enhancing sustainability of concrete structures in this comprehensive course.

Course Conductor: Karen Scrivener

Course B:

Ultra High Performance Concrete

The course offers an introduction to the production of UHPC, covering the selection of raw materials and their impact on the performance of UHPC. For more information please click here.

Course ConductorsCaijun Shi & Doo-Yeol Yoo


Course C:

Performance-Based Asphalt

This short course will focus on the concept of performance-based approaches for asphalt material recycling for use in pavement construction. Click here for more details.

Course ConductorsEshan Dave & Gabriele Tebaldi

Course D:

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Concrete Printing

This course provides an introduction to the 3D printing technology, covering the fundamental concepts of rheology, printability, and practical applications. To learn more click here.

Course Conductor: Yamei Zhang & Yu Chen

Note: Lunch and coffee is provided for the course attendees.

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