PhD travel grant for the 77th RILEM Annual Week in Vancouver

RILEM is aware that young researchers from low- and medium income countries are often lacking the funds to attend international conferences but also has a great interest in including these researchers in RILEM activities. Therefore, the PhD grant provides travel assistance to young researchers, especially from lower- and middle-income countries, who otherwise may not be able to attend a RILEM Annual Week (RAW).

Application for the grant is open to PhD students or PhDs who graduated in 2023 and who are:

  • Under the age of 35 at the date the 77th Annual RILEM Week and 1st ISSSI is held.
  • Residing in any of the countries where a special discount RILEM membership fee is applicable. Please refer to the RILEM webpage for a complete list of these countries.
  • Not awardees of previous editions of this grant.

Applicants should submit their abstract to the 77th Annual RILEM Week and 1st ISSSI via the standard conference route. This needs to be completed before the conference abstract submission deadline. Applicants must send an email to Dr. Daniela Ciancio, RILEM Implementation Manager, at before March 31, 2023 with the following information:

  • One-page personal statement (PDF or DOCX formats) on letterhead,
  • Abstract(s) as submitted and accepted,
  • A one-minute motivational video
  • A CV
  • A supporting letter from the PhD supervisor for PhD students OR a certificate that indicates the date in which the PhD degree was awarded for recently graduated PhDs,
  • A budget proposal for the expected expenditure to attend the event (that can include travel, visa, accommodation, and subsistence). The budget estimate should be made with due diligence, as overestimation could reduce the number of possible grants

Awardees will be asked to present their work at the 77th Annual RILEM Week and 1st ISSSI.

The awardees will be selected by an international jury, on the basis of:

  • The scientific and technical quality of the abstract submitted to the77th Annual RILEM Week and 1st ISSSI
  • The one-page supporting statement to be prepared and submitted by the applicant together with the accepted abstract, explaining how the RILEM PhD Grant will enhance their career development and prospects, including future participation in RILEM activities.
  • The priorities set by the RILEM Educational Activities Committee EAC for the involvement of young researchers.

Awardees will receive:

  • A lump sum up to €2,000.00 (based on the budget proposal and submitted to the validation of RILEM) to support the attendance in person of the 77th Annual Week and 1st ISSSI
  • Waived registration fees of the 77th Annual Week and 1st ISSSI
  • A 3-year RILEM membership
  • The opportunity to have a formal meeting with the RILEM Presidency at the conference
  • The opportunity to have a highlighted presentation during the conference session